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Metal sheet

We offer a tailor-made service, whether for prototypes or series.

We carry out projects in all kinds of fields of activity, in particular: aeronautics, aerospace, construction, railways, watchmaking, shipbuilding, nuclear and energy production, the medical and pharmaceutical sector, industry in general and the machine industry, locksmiths, but also for architects, designers, artists, creators… in fact, we are there for all types of project!

Our clients are large companies, hi-tech companies, SMEs, freelancers, artists, public institutions, private individuals.

We are your true partner for the realization of your projects!

We will surprise you with our constant search for new technological solutions and our innovative approaches. We work with the best specialists and we collaborate with all kinds of trades in order to offer you a maximum of possibilities.

For more convenience, we offer delivery of your order by a local carrier.

Laser Cut Steel


Stainless steel
Plastic materials

Etc ...

découpe au laser


Precision laser cutting


Automatic storage

Our automatic storage system allows an optimized management of our stocks and this facilitates the traceability of the material.
With more than 120 cassettes, our production can operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We maintain an irreproachable sheet quality.

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