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Our company offers high quality welding, with certified specialists.

We assemble your parts with care and precision, according to the most suitable welding process or according to your requirements.

We also have the skills for certification requirements:

  • EN-15085-2 (welding of rail vehicles and parts for these vehicles)

  • EN 1090-1 / 2 (welding of steel structures)

  • ISO 3834-2 (quality for fusion welding of metallic materials)


Welding processes

Our specialists are trained for the highest welding requirements, with mastery of TIG / MIG / MAG welding processes ...

Table de soudage STucki.JPG


Smoke extraction system

We have an ESTA welding fume extraction system equipped with arms, which facilitates the extraction. Each work table has such equipment. This captures fumes, gases, vapors and dust from welding and soldering.

Welding tables referenced with suitable tools

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